How To Save Up To 30% On Your Fuel Costs

Hope you are all out having a wonderful weekend!  Just wanted to take a second and introduce myself.  My name is Joshua Turner and I have spent my entire adult life working with engines.  After 18 plus years of driving people around in the most amazing places like Maui, Hi., Seward, Ak., St Thomas, USVI, and years as the Fleet Captain for SunSeeker dealer in Newport Beach California.  Each one of these places gave me unique perspective on how engines deal with different conditions over long periods of time.  I developed and helped to develop a number of maintenance programs for both tour companies as well as well known distributors like SunSeeker.  In 2007 my good friend and now business partner approached me with an amazing new product line and we decided to start a business that was build off of three key principals.

1)  ROI: meaning every product we promote and that carries our label will first and for most yield a Return On Investment. (Increased Fuel economy, Decreased maintenance costs)

2)  Must deal with one of the many known inefficiencies within the internal combustion engine.

3)  Must Decrease the harmful Ghg emissions that come standard with all fossil fuel engines.

We at EEi now have a technology that we are proud to bring to you and we will be working hard to get these products to a shelf near you very soon.  Until then the state of the art one time Engine and Transmission treatment we call the “Starter Kit” can be purchased in our online shop @ Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any interest in helping us promote a truly next generation lubrication product line.  Following this your oil change intervals will move to 15,000 and 30,000 miles depending on your choice of our SuperX and X Motor oil selections.  Truckers, Racers, Marine or soccer moms… We have exactly what your engines need!

We are currently working with Distribution channels in Scandinavia, Central America and China.  We are currently putting together our launch strategies for the US markets.  We have 18 independent sales reps so far…  I you are interested in knowing more about the possibilities of working with team Environmental Engines please contact me at 909-275-4438 or email at


Josh A. Turner
Co-Founder of Environmental Engines, Efficiency Expert, Lube Specialist

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