Equipment Finance Services

Equipment Finance Services provides Equipment Finance and Equipment Leasing products. We offer innovative funding solutions to a variety of companies.

Equipment Finance Services is a leader in the Equipment Finance industry. We have created several funding partnerships which give our customers the proper financial diversification they need in a funding partner.

Equipment Finance Made Simple!

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We provide our customers with the necessary financial resources they need to get financing. Our experienced underwriting professionals have over a century of experience in structuring financial transactions. This gives our customers a strategic advantage by having a stronger funding partner.
We believe that our commitment to building valuable business relationships, our expertise in equipment and our unparalleled flexibility to create programs tailored to meet each company's unique operating requirements and tax implications is what has made us one of the fastest growing companies in our industry.
1What Are Some Financing Options?
Equipment Leasing provides fixed rate financing with structured terms. This accommodates the specific need of each company.
2Why Do Companies Lease Equipment?
Companies lease equipment because leasing represents the best use of their financial resources. Businesses which do not lease operate at a competitive disadvantage. They deny themselves the productivity-enhancing effect of better equipment which they could otherwise get. They operate with older equipment than they could otherwise afford. Ultimately, they may lose the ability to compete and having higher costs. This lowers productivity as opposed to better managed operations.
3What Are The Tax Benefits?
A True Lease generally allows 100% of the monthly payment to be expensed. Whereas bank financing would only allow the interest costs to be expensed (Accelerated Depreciation).