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“Integrity Financial Groups offers cutting edge financial products far more superior to anything in the marketplace,” said Dallin Hawkins, Director of Sales & Operations. “Our seasoned sales and underwriting professionals have over a century of experience in structuring financial transactions. We take into consideration our customers’ business specific needs, equipment requirements and tax implications allowing us to provide the right financial solution for each of our customers.”

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Integrity Financial Groups provides Equipment Finance, Construction Equipment Finance & Commercial Truck Finance programs. We offer “App Only” Equipment Finance Programs up to $150,000. We finance many different businesses across the country.

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Equipment Finance

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  • Integrity Financial Groups, LLC | Commercial Truck Finance | Heavy Equipment Finance We have worked with Dallin Hawkins and his associates for the past five years and found them to be knowledgeable about equipment and financial structuring. The packages we receive, for funding, are complete and concise. We think they provide an adequate service to their customers and provide the best options for funding their equipment and projects.

    - Steve Alexander, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Marketing at GreenRock Capital Company

  • Integrity Financial Groups, LLC | Commercial Truck Finance | Heavy Equipment Finance Dallin Hawkins with Integrity Financial Groups is a great source for financing. Their ease of process, speed of funding and transparency of terms are just some of the many reasons to do business with them. They are also an ideal option for Semi Truck Finance and Heavy Equipment Finance. I highly recommend them.

    - Andrew Bernardini, Loan Advisor at OnDeck Capital, Inc.

  • Integrity Financial Groups, LLC | Commercial Truck Finance | Heavy Equipment Finance As an enrolled agent, I help many truck drivers, who are sole proprietors and independent contractors with their taxes. They are either undergoing IRS audits or need my help filing their taxes. I am very careful with who I recommend my clients to for additional services. Dallin Hawkins at Integrity Financial Groups is one I always refer them to. My clients have told me how fast he works, his attention to detail, and skill at brokering deals for heavy equipment. I've had tax clients save thousands on trucking expenses by using Integrity Financial Groups. Trust me, I know how much they save to the dollar, from preparing their tax returns year in and year out. If I needed heavy equipment, I'd call Dallin Hawkins.

    - Dean Ferraro, EA at Authoritax

    Dean Ferraro, EA
  • After spending the first 8 months of our business being run in circles by banks both small and large, Integrity Financial Groups was a refreshing change. The process was especially fast and efficient and Dallin Hawkins has been incredible getting us the best arrangements for our needs. Since our first deal with them for a large piece of equipment I have now used them again to finance a commercial vehicle. They professionalism is outstanding and they have been so accommodating to my business needs. I look forward to a long working relationship with Integrity Financial Groups as my excavation business continues to grow.

    - Johanna Smith at AC Landscaping, LLC

    Johanna Smith
    AC Landscaping, LLC
  • Integrity Financial Groups, LLC | Commercial Truck Finance | Heavy Equipment Finance It is refreshing to know that there are people out in the business world who truly have your best intentions in mind. Integrity Financial Groups are an incredibly hard working team who won't sleep until your needs are met. They are a rare find indeed! Thank you Dallin Hawkins for all that you have done for us over the last 11 years! Keep up the good work!

    - Joshua Turner at Environmental Engines

    Joshua Turner
    Environmental Engines
  • Integrity Financial Groups, LLC | Commercial Truck Finance | Heavy Equipment Finance As a Loan Consultant I am fortunate to work with Dallin Hawkins at Integrity Financial Groups. Not only do they have the solutions to many of the challenging situations that we come across on a daily basis, but they are committed on making the process smooth and pleasant for my clients. And to me that's what matters the most, (my quote) A customer that is happy with the way his financing is handled is a happier customer in general, that will come back to finance more equipment. At Integrity Financial Groups everyone is treated with respect regardless their credit score, they make my customers their number one priority their goal is to get a fast approval and get it done. I couldn’t be happier with the way they help my business succeed every day since we started working together.

    - Maryann Garza, Loan Consultant at Truck Finance Services, LLC

    Maryann Garza, Loan Consultant
    Truck Finance Services, LLC


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  • Term Length
  • Rates
  • Funding Speed
  • Uses

  • Repayment

Financing Options

  • $10,000 - $10,000,000
  • 12 Months - 72 Months
  • Interest Rates As Low As 7%
  • As quick as 2 days
  • Semi Trucks
    Commercial Trucks
    Dump Trucks
    Tow Trucks
    Car Haulers
    Heavy Equipment
    Semi Tractor Trailers
  • Monthly, Seasonal, and Deferred Payments Available.

Integrity Financial Groups Industry Specializations include, but are not limited to the following. We Finance Transportation Equipment. (trucks, trailers, buses, shipping containers, blue and brown water vessels). We finance Dump Trucks & Construction Equipment. We finance mining equipment and oil and gas related equipment. We finance material handling equipment, manufacturing equipment & food processing equipment. We finance aircraft & energy services equipment. (oilfield service vessels, remotely operated vehicles and drilling rigs). Integrity Financial Groups also provides funding for owner-operators and start-up companies nation wide.

Equipment Finance
Equipment Finance
Equipment Finance